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You will find many car rental brokers (3rd party car rental sites) who show you exactly what you want to see, very low rates compared to the official price lists of the rent-a-car companies on the scene.

The first step is to show you a very low rate, plus insurance with the broker (not with the supplier) in order to attract your attention, and to make you proceed with a reservation. Besides this type of insurance, 'excess refund' package, you will also be inform for another insurance on the day of pick up (Direct insurance at the counter that eliminates the deposit/excess). If you refuse, an exuberant amount (sometimes 3,000 Euros) will be blocked as a deposit (by credit card). You will be at high risk if any undetected damage appears at check-in. If there are any charges (damages), you must pay the car rental company (Supplier) and then claim back (send invoice and accident reports, etc). This type of insurance 'excess refund' package is taken directly with the 'operator' and not with the 'supplier'. In this case, you have to leave the deposit by '1' credit card with the 'supplier'. Deposits left by debit cards, prepaid cards or cash will not be accepted. You have to make sure that you have enough credit available in '1' credit card. Otherwise, you will have to pay another insurance or a fee to reduce the excess/deposit with the supplier (counter).
In their websites, the brokers manage to hide additional insurances as well as extra costs for many other hidden items (Baby seats / Out of hour service / Limited Kilometers / Prepaid Fuel / Others). It is advisable to check the ranking of car rental companies on google, as well as the respective reviews.

- Please note that with us, with full insurance opcion ('SCDW'), you won't need to leave a deposit when you pick up the rental vehicle. The 'SCDW', Full Insurance package, is taken directly with the company/supplier (not with the brooker).

                                             DOES THE PRICE MAKE UP THE COMPLICATED SYSTEM? 

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