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  • Do i receive a document with the booking details and final amount to pay? If I want to cancel, how should I do?

You will receive an email with the reservation. If ​you decide to cancel, please inform us in advance by email (at least 24H). There are costs associated with no-show reservations (Time & Cost).

  • If the change of reservation implies reduction of rental days there will be no place to refund?

No refund.​

  • What do you need at pick up?

You will need to provide a full driving licence, Passport/ID. If you book the car with full insurance directly with us (no deposit), you are not required to have a credit card to rent a car,  Check 'Terms and Condions' HERE!​

  • What is the minimum/maximum drivers age required?

23-65 years old and driving license held for at least 5 years. Check 'Terms and Condions' HERE!

  • Where do i pick-up the car in 'Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo' Airport?

One of our representatives (T-Shirt: 'Williams Car Rental'), will be waiting at the airport, arrivals terminal. You just have to cross the street and you will find the Park '0'. Its quick and easy process. The cars are always returned with the presence of an employee, any time.

  • What happens if the flight gets delayed? Why is important to inform the flight number?

These can be very useful to monitor your flight before departure. Even if you flight gets delayed we will be waiting. The reservations (with pick up the airport) are confirmed only when you inform the flight number.

  • What happens if the flight gets diverted?

Given that sometimes there are some climatic problems to land at the airport of Madeira, we can deliver the car at funchal / Marina. If your flight is diverted to another island (Porto Santo) and you come by ship from Porto Santo to Funchal, you should inform us by email / call / sms. No fee will be charged for this service.​

  • Where do i pick-up the car anywhere else?

We deliver the rental car straight to anyplace (Hotel, Private Accommodation, etc).
However, it can incur a fee to collect and deliver if its far from the airport or office in funchal center (15
€ per way / per +10Klm far). Check extra fees HERE!

  • Do I need a Credit Card or leave a Deposit to rent a car?

If you reserve the car directly with us, with full insurance (SCDW), there is no deposit or excess to pay in case of damage and you dont need a credit card. 

  • What is not covered by the fully comprehensive coverage? 

The protection 'SCDW' does not cover Keys in case of loss, misfuelling, smoke damage (interior), beats underneath (driving on unsuitable roads) or negligence (ex: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs). Check extra fees HERE!

  • How much is the charge for an additional driver?

Second driver is included. There is a cost for the 3rd driver, 35€ per rental (Vat Inc). Check extra fees HERE!

  • Is PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) included for the driver and the passengers?

PAI is included for All occupants of the vehicle. Check 'Insurance description' HERE!

  • Do you accept any Credit Cards, debit card or cash as a form of payment?

Yes, we do.

  • Is VAT and any other taxes included in the prices displayed?

Yes its included

  • Is there a Delivery/Collection charge or Airport surcharge?

No, Its free of charged.

  • Can i pick the car in the hotel and return at the airport? 

There is a fee '1WAY RENTAL', if you pick and drop in different areas. Check extra fees HERE!

  • What is your fuel policy?

Return as pick up

  • Unlimited Mileage / Kilometres?

Yes, unlimited​.

  • Cleaning Fee

The car hire company will charge you if the car needs more than a reasonable amount of cleaning after your rental.

  • What is not included in the rental price? 

You are responsible for any charges and fines, speeding tickets and parking or traffic fines. You will also be responsible for lost documents, lost keys, misfuelling and if you leave your car headlights on. Check extra fees HERE!

  • 'Out of hour' Fees?

If you require the car to be available outside of normal office hours (Service for up / Service for drop off), the car hire company will arrange for a member of staff to be available. Prior notification is required for this service and it can incur a fee to cover additional man hours. The fee will cost 45€ from 22:00 to 06:00 AM (Service Employee). We also offer cheaper system, 25€, 'EASY KEY BOX SYSTEM' FROM 22:00 TO 06:00 AM (No Employee). Check extra fees HERE!

  • Extra Equipment? GPS / WIFI, Baby seat, Booster seats?

Check extra fees HERE!

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