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You need serious clutch skills and a good car with a great engine.


Road condition? Motorways are excellent, be prepared for tons of tunnels, many roundabouts and one lane roads. Off the motorway, the roads are challenging, steep and narrow. Local people tend to be considerate. 


We bet on Compact/Suv cars (not so big), so that customers feel comfortable on our roads, bypassing obstacles in the best way.

Our cars are equipped with hill assist system. All cars from group B on, are equipped with engines at least 90HP/Turbo engines and sometimes hybrids (gasoline + electric). The vehicles are chosen for their reliability and ease of driving. We recommend  DACIA brand, due to its lower weight compared to other models, making it easy to start, especially on steep climbs (clutch points / manual transmission). 

For people who are not used to drive on steep roads or who have not driven the manual transmission for a long time, we recommend automatic transmission, avoiding unpleasant surprises (clutch failure due to misuse).

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