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Providing your flight number with your booking

We always ask for a flight number when making a booking from an airport, unless you’ve requested a walk-in collection. Providing this number helps us and the provider track the flight if necessary.

Changes to your flight

As soon as you know that your flight has been cancelled or delayed, or if your flight number changes, contact us immediately. If you’re close to your travel dates, and are due to fly within 24 hours, we strongly advise that you email us. 

Following your delay, you are due to collect the vehicle outside our planned office hours.


  • Opcion 1:  You will have to pay the “out of hours surcharge”(+45€). This charge covers the time required for a representative to stay and complete the vehicle handover. If the provider isn’t aware of your delay, they may not hang around to wait for you. It’s also possible that in quiet periods providers may close earlier if they regard you as a ‘no show’ and have no bookings after yours. 


  • Opcion 2: 'Key Box Sytem'. This system provides picking and dropping the car outside office hours and paying only 25€ for this service. We will send video, explaining the location of the car and how to open the Box (code).











This guide will put you in the driving seat!

1. Check conditions for: 

  • Fuel policy - A growing number of firms now insist on a full-to-empty fuel policy. You pay for a full tank of fuel and then bring it back empty, which is fine in theory, but if you aren't using the car much you'll end up paying for fuel you didn't use.

  • Mileage (Limited/Unlimited)

  • Child car seats (paid at the counter / included)

  • Airport concession fee (Extra / included)

  • Minimum and Maximum age limits

  • Out of hour service (collect and deliver)

2. What is the cheapest way to reduce the car hire excess?
The bad news is there are complicated (cheapest) ways to reduce your excess liability through products presented online.

Disadvantages: Depending on the policy, it may only cover the card holder, and there may be conditions for activating the cover, such as paying for the car rental on the card.

If your deposit/excess is declined (limit), you will be required to pay additional costs.

If you damage the car, you will have to pay the car hire firm the agreed excess and then reclaim. Check all necessary documents (police declarations / others) in advance. Otherwise you will not have all the necessary documentation to reclaim.

In addition to the actual costs of repair, often inflated beyond what a normal person would pay, you typically encounter these extras:

• "Loss of use" charges — the list-price daily rental rate for every day the car is out of service;

• "Administrative" fee for processing the paperwork.

3. Photo the car on return and keep the paperwork

Assuming you have done no damage, and have filled it up (if required), park it up and then take digital photos of each panel of the car, the wheels, the mileometer, and other shots.

Hand the keys back to the person at the desk. If late at night post them through the key box. Lastly, keep hold of the paperwork. Don't throw it away, thinking the rental is over.

Does the price make up the complicated system? After all, it will not be better to contact directly with the supplier?

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